Make a Reservation

DVDs on the Panther Express Shuttle System

There are 19 total buses and 11 buses that can run at one time in route daily. To reserve the shuttle DVD players, departments and student organizations should submit a powerpoint to Chris Connelly at [email protected] PowerPoints should not contain any sounds, and should be appropriate for University use.  Approval is up to the discretion of Auxiliary and Support Services. Approved PowerPoint slides should be burned to 19 DVDs placed in an envelope with the name of organization, and the dates that the DVDs should run (2 week maximum).  Approved DVDs should be delivered to Auxiliary and Support Services to the attention of Derrick Walker.  The DVDs should be self-starting and on a continuous loop.  Unless requested, all DVDs will be discarded or recycled after their run is completed.

Table Tents in Retail Food Courts

PantherDining has several retail restaurant/food courts on campus: The Courtyard, Panthers Club, Panthers Corner, and Panther Pizza.  We suggest a maximum of 100 table tents to cover all four areas. Table Tent artwork should be sent to Chris Connelly ([email protected]) for approval prior to printing.  Table tents can be placed for a maximum of two weeks on the tables, and it is the responsibility of the department or student group to collect them once the event is over.  Failure to collect table tents for disposal can result in banning of future table tents from a group or department.

Message Boards

Please submit a 1280 X 720 pixel resolution jpg or png file and e-mail it to [email protected] Please include the dates you would like the slide to run for (2 week maximum please).